benefits of ptBENEFITS OF 1 TO 1 PERSONAL TRAININGSWith ongoing inspiration, motivation and exceptional training we help you to achieve amazing results


  • Training Results
  • Motivation
  • Maximize Training Time
  • Knowledge
  • Self Confidence
  • Fun


  • Risk of Injury through Correct Techniques
  • Frustrating Plateaus in Results
  • Boredom
  • Over Training

We all can be more than we are today. More than what we think we can be. At the Fidelity Fitness Club, we’re in the business of making you better – better than what you were yesterday, better than what you are today, better than what you ever dreamed you could be. Whatever your goals are it's so much easier with the help of our internationally qualified Personal Trainers, imagine having your own fitness expert to guide and motivate you, monitoring your progress and making sure you are always exercises safely.

Fidelity Fitness Personal Trainers can help you achieve your goal by designing a specific exercise routine for you. You will learn the technique and form, because if you're not doing exercises the right way, it can lead to injury that can sideline you. By doing them right, you're staying safe and also getting the maximum benefit from your workout.

Our Personal Trainers will also provide motivation for developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on health and activity; they will also work with you to help overcome your biggest obstacles to exercise. And of course ensure you maximize every workout by providing you with individualized attention and support, changing your training so that you get the most out of each workout. This means that your body will constantly be challenged and when this happens, the body tends to change and adapt allowing the performer to look and feel better.


Do I need Personal Training?

If any of these quotes below match you then you may want to consider taking Personal Training...

  • I don't know what to do and need some guidance
  • I am not getting results
  • I am unhappy with my body
  • I don't know if I am eating the right food at the right time
  • I lack motivation to train
  • I don't have much energy
  • I don't have much time to exercise
  • I want to build some muscle
  • I suffer from stress and feel exercise can help
  • I want to lose weight for a special occasion
  • I want to improve my posture
  • My Doctor told me I need to exercise
  • I want suffer from muscle and/or joint pain
  • I want to train to improve my sport performance
  • I want to know more about training supplements


Fidelity fitness offers health and fitness enthusiasts and beginners an interesting alternative to the "usual gym setting". Knowing how dubai prides itself of its high class destinations in dining, relaxing and recreation, physical training should not be an exception. Its gym area showcases picturesque views of its location, and features cutting-edge equipment from globally renowned brands like technogym, cybex, realryder and purmotion. It has top class "hospitality" amenities and services such as a 23 sq. M. Infinity pool, exclusive changing rooms with sauna, unlimited robe and towels, as well as spacious relaxation areas, wi-fi zones and juice bars offering organic and refershing drinks. To truly give an all-around healthy experience to its members, fidelity fitness has also installed the innovation in filtered, ionized air throughout both the clubs and filtered water for our showers as well. The club offers an exclusive and grandiose experience to its members at very reasonable rates – thus, giving luxurious comfort at their door steps!