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Joining a health club can be a big decision, one that requires discipline, dedication and commitment. But once you sign up, you may discover how a gym membership can improve your life.

Working out at a gym can improve your health. In addition to that, it will help you burn fat and calories. Cardio exercise also helps you strengthen your heart and prevent various conditions like heart disease, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. It can also help you sleep better at night and relieve stress and have a more positive attitude and increased energy.

Nothing beats taking a look around one of our clubs for yourself, so please come along see what Fidelity Fitness Clubs have to offer you!


Are these the only membership types you have available?

We have a variety of membership packages available, ranging from a monthly rolling basis (minimum 12 months commitment), Silver (6 months), Gold (12 months) up to a Platinum Membership (18 months). We really do have packages to suit everyone! Please ask our membership team for more details.

Where do I collect my membership card?

Membership Cards can be easily forgotten or lost, so at Fidelity fitness clubs we use state of the art Palm-Scanning Technology rather than a card. This way you would need to wait for a card to be ready to get started and you'll never have to worry about getting access to the.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I join?

If you're to join on a 12 month monthly payment membership, bring your credit card or debit card to sign up. If you're a corporate member, please bring your company ID and Labour card to validate your eligibility for the corporate membership.

What should I wear to the gym?

Wear light, comfortable clothing that's breathable and allows you to move freely. Please ensure that your choice of clothing doesn't make other members feel uncomfortable. Members cannot work out topless and closed-toe shoes must be worn in the gym at all times.

Are there any costs other than the membership fee?

There is a one-off joining fee but our Membership Team can give you more details about this. Other than that, the only other costs are for additional services such as personal training and juice bar.

Will there be any support to help me get started?

Of course! We offer as much or as little support as our members need. All new joiners are entitled to a Personal Training Intro Pack, 2 1-hour sessions of one-to-one expert fitness with one of our qualified Personal Trainers, and you'll walk away with a personalized training plan


Fidelity fitness offers health and fitness enthusiasts and beginners an interesting alternative to the "usual gym setting". Knowing how dubai prides itself of its high class destinations in dining, relaxing and recreation, physical training should not be an exception. Its gym area showcases picturesque views of its location, and features cutting-edge equipment from globally renowned brands like technogym, cybex, realryder and purmotion. It has top class "hospitality" amenities and services such as a 23 sq. M. Infinity pool, exclusive changing rooms with sauna, unlimited robe and towels, as well as spacious relaxation areas, wi-fi zones and juice bars offering organic and refershing drinks. To truly give an all-around healthy experience to its members, fidelity fitness has also installed the innovation in filtered, ionized air throughout both the clubs and filtered water for our showers as well. The club offers an exclusive and grandiose experience to its members at very reasonable rates – thus, giving luxurious comfort at their door steps!